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shenzhen ding union technology co., ltd. is a professional production of single-sided, multi-layer and rigid-flex printed circuit board of the high-tech enterprises, the products are widely used in supporting mobile phone communication, led lighting, computer, digital, photoelectric products and military industry and other fields; the company was founded in 2009 december, the plant covers an area of 3000 square meters, the total number of for 200 people, is located in guangdong province, shenzhen city baoan district songgang.

the company has standard super-clean workshop, with computer control of the printing plate production and processing and testing automation equipment imported from japan, taiwan, hongkong and other countries and regions, all processes are completed in our company, production design, 6000 square meters, including single, double panel of monthly production of 5000 square meters, monthly production of 1000 multilayer board square meters

the company has a strong development team and a group of senior technical engineers, technical personnel account for the company staff of about 30%, at the same time, the company also provides design services more professional customers; and the united states, japan, taiwan and many other critical materials technology manufacturers to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

the company will continue to adapt to the new era, new products, specializing in the development of new technology and new products, research, provide first-class products and service to our customers, create enterprise in the world circuit manufacturing industry star enterprise image.

the company has been set up to market - oriented, technology and quality as the core, and strive to practice the technology innovation. at the beginning, we set up technology center, set up nearly 20 person r & d team, has hired more than the industry's high technology talents, and increased investment in research and development. customers are mainly distributed in mainland china, taiwan, hongkong, japan, korea and europe and other places, the products are mainly used in mobile phone, notebook computer, payment, micro motor, digital cameras, cars, printers and other fields.
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